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About Me


I am a storyteller. From the day I got my first camera 30 years ago and burned through an entire roll of film in one quick walk around a pond, I was hooked on documenting the simple beauty that is all around us.  Every life has a story to be told, and every individual needs to be understood.  With my camera I capture the genuine moments and real emotions that lie at the heart of your story.  Big or small, major milestones or daily routines, they are all part of your real beautiful life.

My style is a mix of lifestyle and documentary.  While I will gently guide you, I also give you the freedom to move and explore the space as you wish.  This approach leads to seeing candid moments and real expressions.  It is honest and genuine.  I agree with the philosophy that photographs are about how you feel, not how you look.  When you and your loved ones are connecting, your true beauty is revealed and my camera will capture this - showing you as you really are. Click here to learn about the photo session.

Want to know more?

- I have three kids, two dogs, and a husband.

- I grew up in the Chicago area and have lived all over the country.

- I have worked in television production, college athletics administration, and photography.

- I am a night owl though I try to fight it.

- I love crossing things of my list.

- I was a distance runner in college.  I miss being a competitive athlete but nothing tests my endurance like my children!

- I miss sleeping in.

- I am not a shoe person.

- I don't wear makeup.

- I love when my daughters surprise me with the silly and new things they say.

- I love clean healthy eating but try to sneak a little chocolate while I hide from the kids.

- I keep having to tell myself that I can do anything I want to do, but not everything.

- I love laughing so hard that it hurts, and I find that I really need to do that more often.

- Being a parent is the best and hardest thing that has happened to me. I know the joys and pains of trying to manage everything.

- I used to have inspirational magazine advertisements taped to my walls. I love motivational quotes.

- I love living in an urban area but encountering deer and foxes in my neighborhood. Ask me what the fox says. It's crazy!

- I love being well organized but my children do their best to push these limits.

- My superhero power of choice would be to fly, although being Wonder Woman would be pretty awesome.

- I am amazed at the strength, ingenuity, talent, and character of those around me - my friends, neighbors, and community.

- I love this planet and I do my best to take care of it.

- I try to start with and come back to a place of gratitude.

- I've taken some amazing vacations that included an African safari, hiking through the Austrian Alps, trekking to Maccu Piccu, boating around Thailand, riding a camel in the Dubai desert, scuba diving in the Seychelles, and exploring China. Nowadays most of my adventures are a bit different, and I'm thrilled if I can survive a Trader Joe's outing with minimal damage done by my two-year-old.

- If I could, I'd play professional basketball.

- I love country line dancing although I am terrible at it.

- Words can't describe how I felt when the Cubs won the World Series in 2016.

- I need furry pets around me to nourish my soul.

- I am often found lying on the rug trying not to get stepped on by the dogs and kids while hoping my toddler hasn't found the markers again.

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